The Floating Bed

I used to blog on it's not cool to use blogspot anymore, people said, so I'm here. the floating bed is the name of a lovely composition by elliot goldenthal.

Some more from the Delhi Zoo visit on Friday. 

On another note, the Delhi Zoo is quite horrible. I went there for the first time and was rather sad to see the very limited spaces for some of the caged animals and the water looked like a monstrous green and blue colored alien.  

My Weekend. 

Chase your what?

I don’t know what people mean when they say ‘chase your dreams’. I am, more often than not, always having coffee with my dreams. Or walking in the park with them. Or putting them on the computer or paper. And sometimes, hustling them in my head when the life outside gets tough.

So the context here is that I really want to start full time work now. But getting a full time job isn’t what the problem is. What I really want to do next is what the problem is. However, that’s not what my real problem is either. My real problem is that I get so easily worked up by people and their opinions and their questions. The MOST irritating one is ‘what are you doing in life right now?’ and ‘I am figuring things out, living with my parents after 9-10 years (Yeah, I can’t stress this enough) and well, chilling and getting bored alternatively’ does not seem to go down well.

I have done whatever I wanted to so far and hopefully, I will continue doing that in the future. This is my dream. I am not chasing after anything except for doing cool things on a daily basis. And I really mean it. All I want is a platform where I get to do cool and amazing things on a daily basis, work smart and get sufficiently paid for it. I just need to find or create this platform and I will. For now, I will take another nap through the weekend bitches.  

Okay I wrote this post just to make myself feel better.  My version of a selfie. Ha!  

Time to work. 
At Danta, Rajasthan. 2014. 

Time to work. 

At Danta, Rajasthan. 2014. 

Here is your fucking song!

Here’s your fucking song,

Is what I really wanted to call and say tonight.

But I guess I am putting up the fight.

It’s cold and hardened by the way,

Unlike the silly old poems,

Which I tried so hard to rhyme.

I want to chew your face


"I’m lookin’ at your face and I just wanna smash it. I just wanna fuckin’ smash it with a sledgehammer and squeeze it. You’re so pretty."

"I want to chew your face, and I want to scoop out your eyes and I want to eat them and chew them and suck on them."

Can’t believe I hadn’t seen Punch Drunk Love before! =)

Also loved the late Jeremy Blake's artwork so much. 

In London, 2013.

In London, 2013.

In London, 2013. 

In London, 2013. 

I don’t do cat photos.

This one really wanted its picture taken so I obliged. 

Also, I was walking around our complex today with mom and we happened to stumble upon these bunch of goats happily grazing in the park adjacent to our building. I almost thought that I was hallucinating because a. it is weird to see goats in a park in this ridiculously residential area, and b. it is weird to see goats in a park in this ridiculously residential area. One of the goats had lovely white with black spots gorgeous skin. I felt somebody just carved out a dream and spread on this monotonous park .

However, my reverie was broken soon as I saw their owners nearby and I pretty much knew that these happy goats were soon going to someone’s happy meal. Anyhow.